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The emblem of Vileika was registered in the Emblem Matricula of the Republic of Belarus of April 13, 2001; No 57.

On the red background of the French shield a ship goes down a silver river. On board, there are two tied packages and a golden rye ear.

Russian monarchs presented Vileika with emblems on two occasions: from Catherine the Great on January 22, 1796 and from Nicholas I on April 6, 1845. That was due to Vileika’s administrative affiliation. At first, the town belonged to the Minsk guberniya, later to the Vileika guberniya. It was reflected in the upper parts of the emblems. The Minsk emblem, the first one, depicted an eagle with two heads, with a shield featuring an image of Virgin Mary on his chest. The Vilno emblem, the second one, depicted an armed horseman on a white horse going to the right, with a sabre in his raised right hand and a silver shield with an image of a golden eight-end cross in his left hand.

Merchant shipping promoted the development of Vileika. Wood, flax, hemp, cereals and wax were transported to Western Europe along the Viliya River. Annually, Vileika hosted four trading fairs. According to P.P. von Winckler, the ship loaded with goods featured on the emblem shows that “ships were built on that river and that they were used to deliver goods and products”. The Vileika Regional Executive Committee headed by acting chairman E. Sinilo took a decision to restore the historical emblem dating back to 1796 ‘which image remains relevant today’.

Vileika and Vileika region’s emblems are the historic and heraldic heritage of Belarus.


The flag of the Vileika region was established in line with President’s Decree №625 of November 18, 2008

Description of Vileika Region’s Flag

The flag of the Vileika region is a rectangular red cloth (1:2). The flag bears the Vileika Emblem in the center.