222417, Minsk region., Vileyka, st. Guerrilla, 40

Phone: +375 (1771) 4-22-11

Operating mode: 08.30 - 17.30, перерыв 13.00 - 14.00


The list оf the sites, intended for the subsequent granting to investors and (or) to the organizations, created in the prescribed manner in the Republic of Belarus by the invertors or with their participation, for building the objects, provided by the investment contracts with the Republic of Belarus on the territory of Vilejski area (download in .doc format)

Information for potentional investors on possible sites for location of campings and campers:
near v. Rabun road R-63 Borisov–Vileyka –Smorgon, 113,6 km right;
near v. Kosuta road R-63 Borisov–Vileyka –Smorgon, 117,3 km left;
near v. Tsna road R-28 Minsk–Molodechno–Naroch, 83,8 km right;
near v. Ruchevyeе road R-28 Minsk–Molodechno–Naroch, 89,5 km left.